measuring farmland loss
lessons from ontario, canada

2018 | Co-authored with Sara Epp

exploring community cohesion in rural canada post-extreme weather
planning ahead for unknown stresses

2017 | Co-authored with Katherine E. Laycock

land use planning and agriculture
measuring prime agricultural land conversion in wellington county, ontario

2017 | Co-authored with Sara Epp

governance of nine ontario food co-operatives

2016 | Co-authored with Simon Berge

the cart before the horse
policy perspectives on farm parcel creation on mennonite farms

2015 | Co-authored with Bryce Sharp

consumer food co-operatives and community development

2014 | Co-authored with Simon Berge

food sovereignty and agricultural land use planning
the need to integrate public priorities across jurisdictions

2013 | Co-authored with David Connell, Christopher Bryant, Arthur Churchyard, Greg Cameron, Tom Johnston, Matias E. Margulis, Doug Ramsey & Claude Marois

planning and food security within the commonwealth
discussion paper

2011 | Co-authored with Anneliza Collett, Therese Ludlow, Ian Sinclair, and Jenny Whitehead

Identifying Rural Reserach Priorities through Community Engagement

2011 | Co-authored with Dr. Jennifer Ball, Dr. Yolande Chen, Suzanne Ainley, Jeff Dixon, Harold Fleming, and Erik Lockhart

Prospering with a Stable or Declining Population
Best Community Economic Development and Planning Practices for Rural Communities

2010 | Co-authored with Dr. Jennifer Ball, Arthur Churchyard, Sara Holzman, Jackie Mercer, Nicole Sullivan, Katie Temple, Charlie Toman, and Bronwynne Wilton

Municipal Readiness for Environmental Planning
Innovation and Best Practices Towards Sustainability for Rural Communities
2010 | Co-authored with Dr. Jennifer Ball, Arthur Churchyard, Sara Holzman, Jackie Mercer, Katie Temple, Charlie Toman, and Dr. Bronwynne Wilton
Rural Development and Horse Farms
Understanding the Economic and Social Impacts of Horse Farms in the Urban-Rural Fringe Regions of Ontario
2009 | Co-authored with Dr. Bronwynne Wilton
finding the balance
evolving provincial & municipal governance of nutrient management

2006 | Co-authored with Alicia Evans

Community-Based Strategies for Resolving Agricultural and Land-Use Conflicts
2004 | Co-authored with Jennifer Ball, Alicia Evans, Claire Weir, Susanna Reid, Melanie Williams
rural non-farm development
Its Impact on the Visibility and Sustainability of Agricultural and Rural Communities
2003 | Co-authored with Claire Dodds-Weir
Lessons from Michigan
Strategies for Regulating Intensive Livestock Operations-Right to Farm and the Role of the State
2002 | Co-authored with Jennifer Ball and Melanie Williams
livestock and agricultural intensification
Community Perceptions of Environmental, Economic and Social Impacts as an Impediment to Agricultural Production
Planning and Intensive Livestock Facilities
Canadian Approaches

1999 | Co-authored with Michael Toombs, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs

Planning for the future
development of ontario’s wine industry

2000 | Co-authored with David Aston

Severance Activity in Rural Ontario’s Agricultural Land During the 1990’s (Phase 1 Report)
2002 | Co-authored with Claire Weir