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Attracting and Retaining Newcomers in Rural Communities and Small Towns

Book cover, Attracting and Retaining Newcomers

This captivating examination of immigration in rural Canadian towns analyzes the essential components that smaller municipalities and counties must consider to attract and sustain meaningful settlement of newcomers. With the research compiled and presented in three parts – setting the context, promising principles and practices, and case studies – the book offers important information that will be helpful to all participants in the rural immigration process.

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Better Decisions, Together

Book cover, Making Better Decisions Together

Facilitation can be a powerful tool to help build community and address pressing and relevant issues. Public processes, by their nature, will often involve diverse perspectives that can make it very difficult to unite the group. Still, through a guided process of dialogue, sharing information, and making a decision, a common purpose can usually be found. Indeed, facilitated processes can produce greater understanding and participation, and will sometimes aid in resolving longstanding conflict and help a community move towards consensus. Even where the conflict remains unresolved, there can be a positive outcome, because community members are able to participate and have their voices heard. Better Decisions, Together is practical facilitation guide, examining the need for citizen engagement and explaining how conflict may be harnessed as a positive force for change.

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Planning for Rural Resilience

Book cover, ruralresilience

Planning for Rural Resilience: Coping with Climate Change and Energy Futuresmakes clear that communities and municipalities have opportunities to make informed and constructive decisions in the face of uncertainty: many of these decisions are “win-win” in the sense that they benefit the community in the short term while also building resilience for the future. Case studies include a town rebuilding itself after a tornado and an individual farmer’s commitment to creating a resilient farm. They provide examples of innovative, successful, and practical on-the-ground actions and strategies. Read more ...



Rural Community Economic Development

Book cover, Rural Community Economic Development

Is there a secret to economic success?

What is it that leads to economic success in one community while another community flounders? This question is especially relevant for rural and small town communities that face unique issues and problems. For decades many rural communities have faced low birth rates, an aging population, low rates of immigration and declining political power.

There are though reasons to be optimistic. In this book, author Wayne Caldwell presents a number of case studies and key lessons that have relevance for communities across the country. These lessons can be adopted and applied by local politicians, municipal staff and the general public in working to enhance their community and neighbourhood.

For some communities, despite challenges, optimism abounds! This book provides hands on strategies that can help change your community from one that flounders to one that embraces the future. Read more ...

Rediscovering Thomas Adams

Book cover, Rediscovering Thomas Adams

Rural depopulation, protection of natural resources, suburbanization, affordable housing, mass transportation, loss of fertile lands -- these are modern problems, yet they are not new. Thomas Adams grappled with these same concerns nearly a century ago, when he wrote Rural Planning and Development, a comprehensive overview of planning issues at the time of the First World War. Read more ...








Farmland Preservation: Land for Future Generations


The Urbanite's Guide to the Countryside

Farmland Preservation: Land for Future Generations speaks to the importance of farmland as an essential resource, meeting one of the most basic of human needs: food. Read more ...  

What do they grow in greenhouses? How many cows are there in Ontario? What is growing in that field? What kind of barn is that? When do they pick all the strawberries?

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Huron County: Ontario's West Coast


Doing Democracy with Circles: Engaging Communities in Public Planning

This book compiles many images common to the County of Huron. Images that can take us back to childhood memories and yet reflect our present. Read more ...
Planning what will happen in a community involves bringing together many different perspectives, so that planners can make informed decisions. The goal is to make informed decisions that lead to a desirable future - one that everyone can embrace. Read more ...



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Rural Landowner Stewardship Guide

The Rural Landowner Stewardship Guide Program was developed as a response to the awareness that the health of the rural landscape depends upon the actions of all rural landowners, and not of farmers alone. To read about the background for the manual, please click HERE. The Guide itself can be downloaded from HERE.


Guidelines for Engaging the Public Post-Disaster

This document provides recommendations and best practices for engaging a community in the planning process in the wake of a disaster. The need for such a document grew out of an observed void in literature on planning and public engagement for a post-disaster area. The target audience for this report is planners in rural and small towns in North America and their municipalities. This document can be downloaded from HERE.