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2013 Second Edition Version – DOWNLOAD ENTIRE MANUAL
*Note: Right-click to save document. The file is large (~9.8MB) and may take some time to download. Individual worksheets are also available for download, as below.


Individual Worksheets

This file provides background information for the stewardship guide, how to complete the worksheets and action plan. It also provides information about watersheds and local ecology.

WORKSHEET 1 – Buying a Rural Property
This file includes a checklist for purchasing rural property, and information about renting out rural property. There is no worksheet for this section.

WORKSHEET 2 – Getting to Know Your Property
Use the maps in this worksheet to plot your property and learn about the surrounding landscape.

WORKSHEET 3 – Before & During Construction
Use this worksheet to assess potential opportunities and constraints about construction.

WORKSHEET 4 – Private Well Water Supply
Use this worksheet to assess the condition of your well(s) and water supply.

WORKSHEET 5 – Wastewater & Septic Systems
Use this worksheet to determine whether household water is treated safely on your property.

WORKSHEET 6 – Gardening & Landscaping
Use this worksheet to: a) learn about water efficiency in the landscape, b) learn about living within natural buffer areas, c) assess trees around your home or cottage, d) help select appropriate plants for your landscape, and e) learn about the importance of nutrients in the landscape.

WORKSHEET 7 – Waste Management
Use this worksheet to learn about how you can help manage your waste.

WORKSHEET 8 – Storage & Proper Handling of Fuels, Pesticides & other Household Chemicals
Use this worksheet to learn about best management of fuels and chemicals.

WORKSHEET 9 – Living with Wildlife
Use this worksheet to learn more about how your actions affect wildlife species in the rural landscape.

WORKSHEET 10 – Working With the Ecosystems on Your Property
Use this worksheet to: a) assess your knowledge of forests on your property and to help you set your management goals and objectives, b) learn how you can protect water quality and your property around streams, ditches and shorelines, c) learn more about how your actions affect wetlands and ponds, and d) learn how you can help protect these unique ecosystems.

WORKSHEET 11 – Access to Your Property
Use this worksheet to minimize recreational impacts on your property and manage access to your lands.

WORKSHEET 12 – Lake Recreation
Use this worksheet to learn about enjoying local lakes in a sustainable fashion.

WORKSHEET 13 – Lowering your Energy Bill
Use this worksheet to find out how to improve your energy efficiency.

WORKSHEET 14 – Water Runoff Management
Use this worksheet to assess how well your property minimizes the potential for water runoff and property damage.

Action Plan Template, Glossary, and Resources List

Additional Resources